Nellie Quinn

Press Kit


Nellie Quinn played at the Deep Cove Folk club with Quinn Bachand as the main feature in May 2009.

Nellie has played on our stage before as an Open Stage act and I was struck this time by how much her music and playing had developed and matured. She performed traditional songs superbly, keeping an eye on original structure, but as well offering her own strong interpretations. As well her own compositions were original and engrossing, and showed a strong knowledge of the history of this musical genre.

Apart from her musicianship Nellie also showed a very strong stage presence, offering information on her set list, and interacting well with the audience.

She was joined in this concert by Quinn Bachand, who in my opinion, like Nellie is developing on the fiddle, is a virtuoso player on the guitar. The combination of the two players was incredibly dynamic.

Nellie presented a strong show which won over the audience, performing her music in a style which acknowledged tradition while offering inventiveness, originality and sophistication.


"She is tenacious and focused and driven by the greatest motive - a love for music."
- Daniel Lapp
"Great arrangements and some sweet, smooth playing."
- Colin Grant